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What People Are Saying About the Helping Boys Thrive Summits

“Amazing! I learned so much, and I felt the plight of boys in my heart.  I am inspired to go out and do my part to help boys thrive!”  Julie, Educator and Parent

“This was the most important event I have gone to in ten years.  The information was so needed and I came away inspired to work with stakeholders in my community to focus on boys’ needs.  We need a summit like this in every American city.”  –Pat, Educator and Parent; Board member, local Big Brothers and Big Sisters

“I was blown away by the PET and SPECT scans of male and female brains.  The differences between us do not make us unequal:  in fact, understanding them help us to be equally focused on the how boys and girls both need us in gender-specific ways.”  Terry, Author, Parent, Academic

“Boys in America are not thriving.  This Summit gave me tools to help them right now.  –Angie, Parent, Business Owner

“We can’t have a flourishing civilization without taking care of our sons.  This summit was life-changing for me.  I finally understood what is going on and how I can help.”  –Erin, Educator and Pastor

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About the Helping Boys Thrive® Summits

I just traveled to Washington, D.C. to brief Congress members on our boys crisis because I have been a child advocate for thirty years and never been more worried about our boys than I am now. While some boys in our country are doing well, American boys as a group are victims of systemic national neglect. Their deepest needs are mainly invisible to us as a society, and so is the tragic state of boyhood all around us. They kill people in our communities and we are naturally enraged at them without understanding who they are or what they need. Through the Helping Boys Thrive initiatives we are working to create a social revolution on behalf of boys. Please join us. Thank you.
Dr. Michael Gurian- October 2015

Boys Need Our Help!

Helping Boys Thrive | A One-Day Event for Parents and Professionals Who Are Raising, Educating, and Working with Boys and Young Men